The Enthusiastic Rooster

Roosters are conservatives at heart. With roosters, what you see is exactly what you get. There are no hidden depths to the rooster's character. A rooster is not a complicated or profound character but rather a very forthright and straightforward person.

Nevertheless, roosters are sociable animals and love to receive attention. They make great hosts and adore entertaining. Enjoying being noticed and flattered, roosters sometimes dress a bit flashy to gain the attention of others.

Roosters strive to be attractive and are always beautifully turned out. All roosters are extremely conscious about their clothing and appearance. Even when they dress conservatively they are obsessed with their looks - they can spend hours standing in front of mirrors and will not bat an eye at spending $500 for a dress. However, that doesn't mean they don't care about money for in fact they live for sales, love to compare prices, and even if the bargain is only a few cents or a few dollars cheaper, they will be satisfied.

Precise and accurate observers, roosters have a very keen "sixth-sense". It is not an easy task to fool the rooster. His mind is cautious and sceptical. With the gift of perception, roosters make excellent troubleshooters, detectives, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists. Roosters are always up, out, and doing. You rarely see a relaxed rooster that sits quietly in the living room, doing nothing. Multitalented, roosters can become accomplished in many different ways.

Though sharp, practical, and resourceful, a rooster also likes to dream. And because he likes to dream, he will often disappoint his loved ones, for reality seldom matches up to the dreams he promises despite his sincere belief that they will come true. The main virtue in the rooster character is loyalty: they make devoted friends. When roosters love and admire someone, they will even try to catch the moon just to keep them happy. The best match for a rooster is a snake. Good matches are an ox, pig, monkey, or dragon. Ok matches are a rat or dog. Matches with a horse, tiger, rabbit, sheep, or another rooster are not recommended.