The Restless Rat

Rat people are born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. They are expressive and are talkative at times. They like to party and spend quite a lot of time chatting with their friends. Although the rat has the ability to be quiet, it is rare to see a rat sitting quietly.

Rat people usually have more acquaintances than real friends. They revere and cherish those close to them. Once you become their true friends, they will treat you like family. Rats are self-contained and keep their problems to themselves - even though they can be talkative sometimes, they never confide in anyone.

Somewhat mean, narrow-minded and suburban in outlook, rat people are nevertheless honest. They can always make a success out of their lives as long as they manage to master their perpetual discontent and their insistence on living in the present.

A rat is quick-witted. Most rats get more accomplished in 24 hours than the rest of us do in as many days. They are confident and generally have good instincts. Stubborn as they are, they prefer to live by their own rules rather than by others. It is not easy to work with rat people as they are 100% perfectionists.

Rats are very organized and talented which is why a rat makes a good businessman or politician. However, as soon as a rat earns money, he spends it. Perhaps that explains why a rat is so careful when he lends money to others. If you ever borrow money from a rat, don't be surprised by the high interest he charges.

A rat is not romantic but he is sensual and loving. Rat people are hard to get to know at first as they are very protective but they are worth it - ask anyone who has a rat for a lover, parent, child or friend. They are very loyal and devoted to their families. The best match for a rat is a dragon or monkey. Good matches are an ox, another rat, or pig. Ok matches are a tiger, dog, or snake. Matches of a rooster, sheep, rabbit, or horse are not advised.