The Delicate Rabbit

The rabbit is one of the most delicate animals among all 12 animals. Rabbits are usually kind and sweet and, of course, popular. Nobody ignores them, for they are good company and know how to make the best of themselves.

A rabbit's home is always a beautiful one. Rabbit people are famous for their artistic sense and good taste. They are also usually well-dressed. Go check out your rabbit friend's closet, I bet you will find much expensive and beautiful clothing there.

But even though they are popular and loved by their friends and family, rabbit people are also pessimistic. They are conservative and insecure, and that explains why most of the them don't like changes.

Calm as they are, it is not easy to provoke rabbit people. They don't like to argue and enjoy quiet, peaceful lives. They are also sentimental and compassionate. They cry easily too and can be moved by personal problems you share with them. Therefore, if you work as a salesman for a living, you will have much better luck with rabbit people - nine out of ten rabbit people will definitely buy your products!

Call them cautious or call them timid, rabbit people will undertake nothing before they have weighed the pros and cons from every angle. That is probably why rabbit people do well at work. And yet, unless they abandon their conservative nature, and become more aggressive, rabbits will probably live a very normal and average life.

Rabbits can be great partners in relationships. Romantic and sweet, faithful too, rabbit people never lack suitors. Male rabbits are sometimes picky, and perhaps not a family man. Female rabbits should probably spend less time admiring themselves in front of the mirror and spend more time with friends. The best matches for a rabbit are a pig, dragon, or a sheep. Good matches are a dog, monkey, or another rabbit. Ok matches are an ox or snake. Matches with a rooster, horse, tiger, or rat are not advised.