The Celestial Dragon

Dragons are born leaders. The feisty, lucky, and powerful dragon people are looked up to by others. Symbols of the Chinese emperors, dragons see their power as indisputable and are idealistic perfectionists. A born monarch, a dragon is proud, very enthusiastic, influential, and dynamic. A dragon is aggressive and determined, someone who gets things started and keeps them moving. Very outspoken, dragons have opinions worth listening to and they give good advice. Gifted, tenenacious, and generous, dragons tend to have distinguished careers and enjoy great success.

However, dragons lose their tempers easily and tend to be overly-proud and self-confident, so they can be irritable, stubborn, tyrannical, and snobby. They are obsessed with rank, prestige, wealth, and splendour. Also, dragons do not grow old gracefully and despise the loss of energy and strength that accompanies aging.

Dragons are beloved and are never disappointed in love. Women dragons are surrounded by admirers and are sought after in marriage. The best partners for a dragon are a rat, rabbit, pig, or monkey. Ok partners are a tiger, sheep, rooster, snake, or horse. Dogs tend to suffer in dragon relationships. A dragon and an ox have a tendency to fight, and two dragons will compete constantly causing turmoil.