The Faithful Dog

Dogs are devoted and strong. When a soldier in the field, they fight from the heart. And, like a solider, they prefer to rely on their armor and tend to hide their true inner self from others and even themselves. It is truly hard to understand what a dog is thinking as their hopes, dreams, and loves are often hidden away. However, although they don't show much emotion themselves, a dog is sensitive to the fortunes and misfortunes of other around them.

The dog person is loyal, sincere, honest, and faithful. They can keep a secret, respect traditions, and enjoy helping others and so make trustworthy friends. Straightforward types, they can't understand why people are bother with being petty and ridiculous at times. If they had it their way, they would spend the day fixing the world's problems.

You can always count on a dog person to speak up about what's important to them and what their views are on things. They fight from the heart. As they tend to believe strongly in the truth, speak out against injustice, and identify with the underdog, they are natural lawyers.

However, when rubbed the wrong way, dog people can be defensive and picky. When panicked, a dog can turn nasty and bark until tired. They are serious people who complain and worry, but they mellow with age.

Although dogs are never the life of a party, they are intelligent, caring, and good listeners. They make agreeable companions.

In relationships, the dog person is the giver and the partner is the taker. The best partner for a dog is a horse, tiger, or pig. Relationships with a rabbit, rat, snake, or monkey will work ok. Relationships with an ox, dragon, sheep, rooster, or another dog are possible, but difficult.